Our Approach

Our approach to film making is  prepare with diligence, rear with care and then leave room for magic.

We possess first hand insight into the minds and culture of the younger generation.We have pulse on what is contemporary in the industry and technology.

Our Story

Affy began with a vision crafted by our principal director Ruark Noronha, his love to film - making and travel has taken him across the world.



Ruark Noronha

Founder & Director

Ruark is completely consumed by the craft of film - making.

Coupled with his sense of art and music he nurtures scripts into memorable stories.

Ruark has directed many high end commercial films for top clients in India under the Banner AffyGroup Films. He has shot for several FMCG ,Finance Pharmaceutical & Architectural brands.

His work and love for film making and traveling has taken him across 39 countries.